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In our Sightline Conversation Series, we talk with leading experts in the financial industry on investments, planning, insurance and more. Every week we speak with different industry leaders to help Canadian investors discover ways to diversify their portfolios, protect their assets and find returns even in the most turbulent times. 

Asset-Based Lending

Determining a company’s credit eligibility goes beyond the income statement for Wayne Ehgoetz, president and CEO of Waygar Capital, the subadvisor to Ninepoint’s Canadian Senior Debt Fund. During his conversations with Sightline’s Warren Gerow, Ehgoetz discusses Canada’s 1 million small and medium-sized companies, most of which are underserved by traditional Canadian lending institutions, and how they represent an opportunity for lenders and investors.

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Despite a rise in interest and inflation rates looming, Chris Vokes from Third Eye Capital, the subadvisor to the Ninepoint-TEC Private Credit Fund, believes there are large opportunities in the asset-based lending space – investors just need to have the right approach. During this conversation with Sightline’s Warren Gerow, Vokes explains the reasons behind his optimism and how asset-based loan investors can put their best foot forward towards success.


Convertible Debt

Unlike some other forms of debt, convertible debt creates the unique opportunity to capture profits that otherwise might not have been available to investors. In this conversation, Sightline’s Warren Gerow speaks with AIP Asset Management’s Jay Bala to learn more about AIP’s convertible private debt fund and the numerous profit-making opportunities for this type of lending.


Estate Planning

DIY projects are great for the garden, but when it comes to estate planning documents, a do-it-yourself approach can leave wealthy families exposed to countless liabilities. Even professionally drafted but out-of-date documents can have unintended consequences. In this conversation, Sightline’s Paul de Sousa speaks with Aaron Edgar of Edgar Chana Law about the downsides of DIY wills and the importance of having an experienced estate planning specialist by your side.

Family Cottages

For many families, the summer season is for spending time with loved ones and building memories at the family cottage. However, when it comes to addressing the cottage in the family’s estate plan, those happy memories have the potential to be disrupted with headaches due to tax-related issues and family discontentment. Therefore, it’s best to consult with an estate planning lawyer who can recommend the best approach for your family. During this conversation, Sightline’s Paul de Sousa speaks with Aaron Edgar from Edgar Chana Law for further insight on how to keep this special place in your family for generations to come.

Financial Planning

A fee-only, advice-only financial planning model ensures clients receive advice that is unbiased and objective. It is estimated there are 150 financial planners in Canada that take this fee-only, advice-only approach, and Nancy Grouni, financial planner at Objective Financial Partners, is one of them. In her conversation with Sightline’s Paul de Sousa, Grouni explains how this fee-only, advice-only approach helps clients make sound decisions today for tomorrow.


Gold and Silver Equities

With growing concerns that a recession may be on the horizon, gold and silver equities have emerged as a strong hedge against the recent market volatility. While investors may be concerned that it’s too late to reap the benefits of the gold and silver rallies, many industry experts believe it is just the first few innings of the game for precious metals investing. In this conversation, Sightline’s Warren Gerow speaks with Sprott Asset Management’s Maria Smirnova to learn more about the ways gold and silver equities can provide long-term capital growth.

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Discover creative ways to use your insurance policies for cash flow, estate planning and tax planning purposes in this conversation with Sightline’s Paul de Sousa and Chad Larmond, founder of Larmond Risk Management Insurance. Larmond shares how the COVID-19 pandemic has made the process of obtaining life insurance less time-consuming and why it might be an ideal time to consider adding a policy or adjusting your policy limits.


Mortgage Investments

Investors are increasingly turning to real estate and mortgage investments to diversify beyond traditional equities and fixed-income investments. However, choosing the right investment manager who understands the market and can manage risk and cash flow is key. Sightline’s Warren Gerow and Nick Kyprianou, founder of RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corporation, discuss the screening criteria RiverRock uses to mitigate risk and deliver stable monthly income for its investors.

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In our premiere Sightline Manager Discussion, Sightline’s Warren Gerow speaks with John Hutchinson, president of Central and Southwestern U.S. at Trez Capital, a diversified real estate investment firm specializing in short duration mortgage lending in Canada and the U.S. For this conversations, Gerow and Hutchinson discuss how Trez Capital seeks to generate returns for its investors and what its future may hold.

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Private & Public Equity

While it is impossible to predict the future direction of the market, there are sectors in public and private equity that are often an effective hedge against future spikes of volatility. In this conversation, Sightline’s Warren Gerow speaks with Ryan Marr and Max Torokvei from Waypoint Investment Partners to learn about the strategies their fund utilizes to deliver risk-adjusted returns across all market cycles.



Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) have experienced a monumental rise over the last year, with many investors rushing towards these assets hoping to achieve high returns. In this conversation, Sightline’s Warren Gerow speaks with HGC Investment Management’s Sean Kallir to learn more about the SPAC market and why HGC believes that these blank-cheque companies will continue to help investors achieve a low level of volatility and a high degree of liquidity.


Wealth Preservation

With a full schedule and many responsibilities, families often let legacy planning fall to the wayside. However, spending a little time to engage an expert can help ensure prosperity for generations to come. In this Sightline Conversation, WEALTHinsurance.com President and Founder Mark Halpern speaks with Sightline’s Paul de Sousa about the three distinct areas of legacy planning –  estate planning, tax planning and philanthropy – and how they each play an important role in your family’s future.


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