Sightline Conversations: An Update on Mortgage Investments with RiverRock


For this episode of our Sightline Manager Conversations Part II series, Sightline Wealth Management’s Warren Gerow speaks again with Nick Kyprianou, president, CEO and director at RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corporation, the subadvisor to Ninepoint’s Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC). During their initial conversation, Gerow and Kyprianou provided an overview on the ways high-yield Canadian residential mortgages can create effectively diversified portfolios that deliver stable monthly incomes for investors. Now, a year later, Kyprianou joins Gerow to give an update on RiverRock and the current status of the mortgage investment landscape.

Specifically, Gerow and Kyprianou discuss:

  • RiverRock’s expansion to different geographical areas
  • Main source of deals in the current market environment
  • Any potential capacity limitations for RiverRock at this time
  • How COVID-19 impacted the industry and its marketplace
  • Why mortgage investments are not greatly impacted by interest rate increases
  • Macrotrends in the industry

You can listen to Gerow and Kyprianou’s entire conversation here. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at (416) 945-6228 with any questions.



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