About Us



Sightline gives you access to institutional-quality asset allocation, meaning you benefit from the same thinking and sophisticated strategies that pension funds, sovereign-wealth funds, and endowments enjoy.

Time-tested quantitative and qualitative metrics are used to screen investment managers, which are later monitored on a regular basis to ensure their continued suitability for our clients’ portfolios. Preservation of capital, lower volatility and superior risk-adjusted returns are our primary focus.

We offer access to compelling alternative investments with low correlation to traditional stocks and bonds. The smart money has been moving to alternative investments for years, driven by the potential to improve portfolio diversification while reducing portfolio volatility.



As a Sightline client, you will be invited to regular private luncheons with the managers behind the funds you’re investing in. You’ll have first hand access to the views and strategies that drive the outcomes of your investments.

In addition, Sightline will also introduce you to exclusive private placement opportunities with companies that our team believes have solid growth potential, giving you a means to further diversify your portfolio with a unique asset class.

Lastly, Sightline will extend to you its relationship with some of the finest estate and insurance planning firms in the country, putting a complete wealth management team at your disposal.



We will provide you with full transparency on our fees by offering you a no-commission, fee-based account. The fee you pay depends on the size of your investments. Since everything is covered by one inclusive fee, there are no surprises.

Fee Schedule*

1.00% on the first $1 million
0.85% on the next $4 million
0.70% on the next $5 million
Negotiable above $10 million

*Smart Money pricing

Sightline Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm that serves the needs of individuals, families, and foundations who want to build and preserve their wealth. Our mission is to deliver expert guidance, long-term returns, and exceptional service to our clients.