Kirstin McTaggart

Chief Operating Officer,
Chief Compliance Officer

Kirstin McTaggart is a founding principal and partner at Sightline Wealth Management.

She has accumulated over 30 years of applicable experience in the financial and investment industry. Ms. McTaggart is responsible for the oversight of compliance, product launches, internal control policies, procedures and Human Resources. Previously, Ms. McTaggart was Chief Compliance Officer of Sprott Asset Management LP (“SAM”, OSC registrant) since April 2003 as well as the CCO and COO at Sprott Private Wealth LP (“SPW”, IIROC registrant). Kirstin was instrumental in the creation of Sprott Physical Trusts listed on NYSE ARCA and TSX.

Prior to joining SAM in 2003, Ms. McTaggart spent five years as a Senior Manager at Trimark Investment Management Inc., where her focus was the development of formal compliance and internal control policies and procedures.

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