Event Replay: All That Glitters is Gold and Silver

Sightline Wealth Management recently hosted a special in-person event that explored the latest precious metals market trends and examined why the prices of gold and silver have not increased significantly, even when inflation seems to be running rampant. Leading the event’s discussion with the Sightline team was two experienced portfolio managers with a proven track record from the Ninepoint Gold & Precious Minerals Fund, Sprott Asset Management’s Maria Smirnova and Shree Kargutkar.

During the conversation, they discussed:

  • The precious metals market throughout the past year
  • The relationship between the gold and silver ratio and fiat money
  • The macro case for gold and silver
  • How differently precious metals equities and bullion function
  • How various economies are moving away from the U.S. dollar and trying to diversify their currency, including by attaining gold
  • The shift from Petrodollar to Petroyuan and its impact on gold prices
  • The growing demand and declining inventories of silver, which may lead to a deficit in the market
  • How Ninepoint’s precious metal offerings are performing

If you have any questions about this event, the presentation, or investing in gold and precious metals, please do not hesitate to contact us at invest@sightlinewealthmgt.com with any questions.

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