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“SP Wealth is now Sightline Wealth Management,” reported, following the announcement of the firm’s relaunch and rebrand on Tuesday, March 5.

The article explains how SP Wealth was a temporary name as the firm transitioned from Sprott Private Wealth following the management-led buyout of the diversified and wealth management businesses from Sprott Inc. in 2017. The firm’s relaunch is meant to formalize its transition into its new independent wealth management business model and the new name is “a nod to the importance of a transparent and long-term investment outlook,” explains.

Commenting on the relaunch of the firm, Sightline Founder and CEO James Fox said, “The ultimate success of Sightline is in direct alignment of meeting our clients’ financial objectives and staying true to our values. By doing what is right for investors, we believe growth will follow. This has been our philosophy from the beginning, and it continues to be what drives us today.”

The full article is available to read here.

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