Here at Sightline Wealth Management, we believe our entire team is greater than the sum of its parts. To help you get to know our entire investment advisory team, we are launching an Advisor Interview Series. With this series, each advisor will sit down one-on-one with Sightline’s Warren Gerow for an insightful discussion on different aspects of the markets and economy and how they help their clients protect their wealth in times of volatility.

Paul de Sousa and Warren Gerow Discuss the Macro-Trends Impacting Investors

As stock and bond prices continue to fall, many investors are left wondering about how we got here and what the future may hold for the markets and economy. To help mitigate this uncertainty, Sightline’s Warren Gerow and Sightline Senior Investment Advisor Paul de Sousa sat down for our premiere conversation in our Advisor Interview Series to examine some of the most visible macro-themes so investors can learn how to position their portfolios for success.


Martina Longauer and Warren Gerow Discuss the Rise and Fall of Commodity Prices

With macro-trends changing rapidly and dramatically, Sightline Senior Investment Advisor Martina Longauer joined Gerow to provide further insight into commodity-led inflation as oil and metal prices begin to crumble.