Looking for Yield? Look to Alternatives—and Build an Alternative Approach

Smart Money Portfolios give you access to the same thinking and products that pension funds, sovereign-wealth funds, endowments, and ultra-high-net-worth-families have access to.

Where the Smart Money Is Going

For instance, Tiger 21, an investment group that includes the world’s wealthiest individuals, is allocating more than half its money to alternative investments. Similarly, according to PWC1, sovereign wealth funds, which have historically focused their asset allocation strategies on fixed income, have increased their allocation to alternative investments in order to fully diversify their portfolios. In 2018, the allocation to alternatives in sovereign wealth fund portfolio was 23%.
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Uncorrelated Asset Classes

Today, investors are facing the end of a 30-year bull market in bonds and a fair amount of global uncertainty. As a result, the smart money is looking at asset classes that are uncorrelated to stocks and bonds, with the goal of providing some income, some safety, and even some return.

Why Smart Money is Going There

Preqin Investor Outlook, April 2017
The alternative assets industry is bigger than ever, with more than $7.7 trillion in hedge fund and private capital assets managed globally, having grown by $300 billion during 2016.

Kiplinger, February 2018
The biggest hurdle for alternatives is that investors tend to misunderstand their role as portfolio diversifiers. Contrary to popular belief, most alternative strategies aren’t designed to beat the broad indexes. They’re supposed to cushion market dips or supply ballast in rocky markets, giving you greater peace of mind.

With increased market volatility driven by inflated valuations, interest rate policy and geopolitical events, pension funds, family offices and institutional investors continue to steadily increase weightings in alternative investments with the goal of more stable growth. Increasingly interconnected markets mean that traditional asset classes and geographic diversification no longer provide the downside protection investors demand. Alternative investments offer sophisticated ways to help mitigate the increased risk.

How Sightline Can Make Help in Making Your Money Smart

*Examples are strictly for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be representative of the performance of any actual or future investment available to investors. Actual clients returns may differ substantially.


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Sightline provides you with a dedicated, fully engaged Investment Advisor who will orchestrate your access to innovative, thoughtful, best-in-class asset allocation strategies.

Why Smart Money Portfolios?

Smart Money Portfolios give you alternative investment strategies that match your risk tolerance. Featuring hand-picked managers who have a history of adding alpha to their returns, Smart Money Portfolios have the potential to reduce volatility while improving performance under all market conditions.

The Income Portfolio offers highest fixed income allocation of the Smart Money portfolios.

The Balanced Portfolio increases your equity exposure relative to Income. The Growth Portfolio trades-off fixed income for Alternatives and Equity.

The Long-term Growth Portfolio is a balance of Alternatives and Equity, which is designed to maximize risk-adjusted return.