Advisor Interview: 2022 Year-in-Review with Martina Longauer and Warren Gerow

Here at Sightline Wealth Management, we believe our entire team is greater than the sum of its parts. To help you get to know our entire investment advisory team, we have launched an Advisor Interview Series. With this series, each advisor will sit down one-on-one with Senior Investment Advisor to Sightline Warren Gerow for an insightful discussion on different aspects of the markets and economy and how they help their clients protect their wealth in times of volatility.

2022 has been a very chaotic year for investors. Central banks are raising interest rates at a monumental pace, inflation continues to rise and the markets have been persistently volatile. Fortunately, amid all this turmoil, there are still lessons to be learned and opportunities to take advantage of for investors hoping to protect their wealth.

To help investors reflect on this past year so they can feel confident in 2023, Sightline’s Warren Gerow and Sightline Senior Investment Advisor Martina Longauer recently sat down to offer a special year-in-review. During their conversation, Gerow and Longauer specifically discussed:

  • The macro-factors that impacted volatility throughout the year
  • Performances of specific market indices quarter-by-quarter
  • Why the strength of the U.S. dollar grew while other currencies faced difficulties
  • Where interest rates may be going in 2023 based on historical perspectives
  • The year’s biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Alternative investments that have helped Sightline throughout this volatile market
  • Gerow’s market and economic expectations and hopes for 2023

If you have any questions about the topics discussed during this Advisor Interview, please do not hesitate to contact us at (416) 945-6228.



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